Weeping Toadfish

Torquigener pleurogramma

Chordata – Osteichthyes


Commonly referred to as a blowie, these pufferfish are considered to be a nuisance to recreational fishers because they gobble up bait, making it hard for fishers to catch other species. However, blowies play an important role in marine ecosystems, as they are omnivorous (plant- and animal-eaters) and feed on almost anything they can scavenge. They consume waste scraps, bait and burley along with its normal diet, and therefore help to keep our coastal waters clean.

Common blowfish, beached

Did you know?

Pufferfish produce a highly lethal toxin called tetrodotoxin – present in their skin, flesh and internal organs. Do not allow dogs to mouth any dead fish, as they can ingest sufficient toxin to kill them.

Common blowies underwater