Common seadragon

Phyllopteryx taeniolatus

Chordata – Osteichthyes


Although in the same family (Syngnathidae), the common seadragon is sometimes confused with the seahorse, however, seadragons don’t have a prehensile tail (one with the ability to grasp onto objects). The common seadragon is only found in temperate waters of southern Australia. Growing up to 46 cm in length, the armour-coated body can sometimes be found washed up onto the beach by a lucky beachcomber.

Common sea dragon, beached

Did you know?

Closely related to the common seadragon is the leafy seadragon. This species of seadragon is generally yellow to brown in colour and has more leaf-like appendages on its body. This makes it incredibly well camouflaged among marine algae.

Common seadragon in ocean