Have You Seen a Fish Kill?

Fish kills in Australia and overseas have been recorded for thousands of years and are often the result of natural events. However, many are due to human impacts on the natural environment. Increasing population, poor land use practices and a drier climate have the potential to increase the frequency of fish kill incidents.

Some of the major causes of fish kills include:

  • Low dissolved oxygen in the water.
  • Disease.
  • Sunburn.
  • Poisoning and chemical pollution.
  • Life cycle.
  • Sudden change in physical water parameters.

Further details about the above conditions can be viewed on the Fisheries website.

If you see a fish kill

Report it immediately to your nearest Fisheries office or Department of Water and Environmental Regulation office.

You can also report a fish kill to our 24 hour FishWatch service on 1800 815 507

Keeping yourself safe

If you see a fish kill do not:

  • Touch the affected fish or the water in their vicinity.
  • Collect any fish for samples or use as bait.
  • Consume any fish that have been caught in the area of the fish kill.

For further information about what to do if you come across a fish kill while beachcombing, please refer to ‘Have you seen a fish kill?’