Pre-excursion Activity Ideas

1. Plan your beachcombing field trip with your class.

a. Decide what you will need to take – refer to Beachcombing Basics and take the Beachcombing Pledge, or make your own!

b. Investigate the location that you are visiting. Will you be exploring a marine conservation area? How might this affect your beachcombing experience?

c. Discuss beach safety and items that are dangerous to touch. Refer to the Danger Zone fact sheet for further information.

2. Discover how natural and man-made items end up on the beach. Check out the Currents section of the kit for more information.

3. Create a Beachcombing Explosion Chart prior to your beachcombing field trip, listing all the items your participants expect to find. This can then be used to make a comparison to what the participants actually found when they returned from the field trip.

4. Use the Beach Detective and What Am I? activities to test your participants’ knowledge of organisms they might find before the field trip.

5. Complete Message in a Bottle to find the hidden message.