Post-excursion Activity Ideas

1. Review the Beachcombing Explosion Chart made prior to the field trip. Identify the similarities and differences and discuss why they occurred. E.g., are some organisms likely to be found in certain seasons? What had the weather been like prior to and on the day of the field trip?

2. Use the Beach Detective and What Am I? activities to test the participants’ knowledge following the field trip.

3. Further investigate the coastal and marine life found on your field trip and complete the associated activities in this section of the kit.

4. Discuss the habitat you explored and how it impacted on your beachcombing experience. Complete the associated activities in this section of the kit.

5. Look at how coastal processes have shaped the stretch of coastline that was explored during your beachcombing field trip. Try – What is Sand? A Forensic Investigation!

6. The Coastal Uses and Impacts section of the kit has many themes that can be explored after your beachcombing experience.