Site Choice

Your site choice is a very important aspect of your beachcombing experience. By selecting your beach carefully, you will get the most out of your field trip.

Factors impacting on your beachcombing experience include:

  • The type of coastal habitat you’re exploring (including the adjacent habitats).
  • Man-made structures such as groynes, jetties and stormwater drains.
  • The tide and current predictions for the site and nominated day of your field trip.
  • The weather prior to and on the day of your field trip.
  • The time of year your beachcombing field trip is conducted – although winter isn’t that pleasant at the beach, it’s actually the best time to discover what’s amongst the sea wrack!
  • Local council regulations regarding the clearing of sea wrack from the beach. (Note: some local councils will clear the beaches of sea wrack.)

When nominating the stretch of beach for your field trip, you will also need to consider the following factors:

  • Accessibility, such as parking and path access to the beach.
  • In the case of a limestone rocky shore – is your site a rock fall risk area?
  • Are there amenities such as toilet facilities, picnic areas and appropriate shade?
  • Do you require disability access?

A site visit prior to your field trip is highly recommended.